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Interim Content and Learning Manager (Maternity Cover)

Posted on
June 16, 2020

Job Description

At Stairway, we make learning STEM fun and effective. We do this for two reasons.

First, we believe that to create a generation of people able to solve the major challenges in the world, we need to inspire students to want to solve them. This begins by inspiring them to enjoy learning STEM, and motivating them to continue learning for the rest of their lives. Schools still focus on teaching kids to pass exams, and they lose interest. We want to change that, and help students discover their passion in STEM subjects.

Second, we want to make high-quality education available to students of all backgrounds. Educational opportunity is not evenly distributed, and this isn't fair. All students need access to great education to give them the best chances in life, and societies need access to the best possible scientists and technologists. We believe that technology will be an equalising force, by providing students all over the world with effective, engaging and personalised education at an affordable price.

Why Stairway?

Education has the power to fix almost every other problem in the world. It's the foundation of your life, and deeply influences the choices you make and the opportunities available to you. Many people around the world don't have the luxury of great education, so their choices and opportunities are inherently limited.

What would happen if every single child around the world had access to the same level of education as one of London's top performing schools? What would happen if all students dreamt of becoming scientists, engineers, makers and builders? We are interested in answering these questions.

Our learning philosophy

When it comes to designing learning experiences at Stairway, we always want to be asking this question: How can we nudge students towards thinking like scientists?

Every day, scientists operate on an observe-hypothesise-experiment model. But why isn't this part of the way we learn? We are convinced that this experiential, explorative, test-based approach will in turn result in a fundamentally effective learning experience; one that simultaneously requires and breeds the curiosity, inquisitiveness and resilience which scientific thinking depends on.

Putting together content in accordance with this learning philosophy requires a large amount of creativity and a huge amount of empathy for our students. We are not trying to put a textbook online. We are trying to help students think and feel in a particular way.

You will:

- Develop and test improvements to existing lessons in our curriculum
- Carry out user testing sessions to identify what makes great lessons great
- Work with the product team to develop product features which support our students
- Manage external content writers to improve our curricula


You'll be a great fit if you:

- Have worked on a digital product before. Even better, you've worked on a digital learning product before
- Have experience in carrying out user testing sessions
- Have experience managing people producing written learning content
- Have experience in editing and proofreading content
- Have a passion for STEM subjects, and improving the way that students learn them
- Have considerable empathy for young people learning complex things
- Are super organised, and are able to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.

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