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Content and Demand Gen Copywriter

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Posted on:
November 20, 2020
Might be expired

Job Description

As the Content & Demand Gen Copywriter (a title created to satisfy the suits and maximize search traffic; obviously any red-blooded copywriter would prefer the gender-neutral term Word Wizard, if offered), your job is to use the power of words to take us from millions in revenue to billions in revenue.

Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. As the world’s most widely deployed graph database, we help global brands – including Comcast, NASA, UBS and Volvo – to reveal and predict how people, processes and systems are interrelated. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built using Neo4j tackle connected data challenges such as analytics and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and knowledge graphs. Find out more at neo4j.com.

Our Vision

At Neo4j we have always strived to help the world make sense of data.

As business, society and knowledge become increasingly connected, our technology promotes innovation by helping organizations to find and understand data relationships between people, processes, locations and systems. We created, drive and are at the forefront of innovation in the Graph Database category; and we’re disrupting how organizations leverage their data to innovate and stay competitive.

The Role

Neo4j, Inc. is possibly the nerdiest place in the world to work. Not in a dungeons-and-dragons sense, but in the sense that we all exhibit the traits of the amazing detective/genius sitting in the back of class who wasn’t afraid to think and act different because he or she was too busy calculating the solution to cold fusion, mapping out how to build the next business empire, or – in your case – writing the next great American novel (or something of the sort, I’m sure).

As the Content & Demand Gen Copywriter (a title created to satisfy the suits and maximize search traffic; obviously any red-blooded copywriter would prefer the gender-neutral term Word Wizard, if offered), your job is to use the power of words to take us from millions in revenue to billions in revenue. You and I both know that words are precisely powerful enough to achieve such a feat, so that’s why we need you, the Word Wizard. You’re our only hope.

This Word Wizard posting is a 40-hours-a-week contract position starting with a 90-day contract and renewable for potentially longer terms after that. If you’re a good fit and the stars align, this position puts you on the path to be hired full time.


Our scrying mirror isn’t perfect, but here’s what we see in the next Word Wizard copywriter to join our team:

  • You love words. They’re the first friends you call when you have good news or bad. They help you laugh; they help you cry; they help you talk to Muggles who don’t understand your advanced-level sorcery; most importantly, they convince other people to give you money (in perfectly legal and ethical ways, of course). You even love words in other languages: who’s to say English is the only cool kid on the block?
  • You tell and retell stories. You tell stories that inspire and that transform your audience. Not only at work, but to your family, friends, cat, dog, or hedgehog. You can’t stop really.
  • You’re a voracious reader. It doesn’t matter if it’s books, blogs or greeting cards, when it comes to reading, for you, the spice must flow. You ingest words because you know that you write what you eat.
  • You hate boring, bland, businessy, buzzword copy. If a committee wrote it, then you want to tear it up and feed it to a womp rat. This doesn’t mean you don’t know how to write for a mature B2B business audience (because you definitely do), but you know how to do it right. In fact, it’s because you’re so good at convincing B2B readers to give you money (in the long run), that you loathe all those other wannabe web writers who just don’t get it.
  • You are the perfect Universal Translator, able to communicate to an enterprise audience with acuity but capable of dabbling in geekiness for our developer audience. And those are just two of the audiences you’re capable of talking to, not counting all the others.
  • You have laser vision – not the superhero kind, but the Word Wizard kind. When called upon to once-over a piece of copy, your eyes literally find and destroy grammatical and spelling errors like they’re orcs staining the pure, undefiled beaches of Valinor (which, by the way, is a power you can’t turn off, even when watching cat videos in the wee hours of the early morning, and you know this has nothing to do with work, but you need to let them know that they made a classic its/it’s mistake).
  • While your superiority with words sets you apart (obviously), you also know that working as a team makes you even more effective and way more cool looking. Even though the Euler diagram of your position overlaps with too many other teams to make it logistically impossible to post here (I asked, but they said no), I know you’ll fit right in because you naturally know how to jump in and make a positive contribution to any team you’re a part of. Wizards are like that.


If you’re the type of person looking at a content marketing position, then it’s easy to assume you already know what you’ll be doing (blogs, emails, case studies, white papers, ebooks, tweets, etc.). Here are some specifics to show you why being a Neo4j Word Wizard is different from the workaday, crank-out-content boredom of other content marketing writers:

You’re the Demand Generator of All the Demand™. Look, you and I both know that “demand gen” is one of those ugly-but-necessary terms in the B2B marketing space. So let’s focus less on the ugly and more on the necessary: PPC, SEM, ABM, emails, outreach campaigns, digital ads, print ads, webinars, landing pages, webinar landing pages, subject lines, micro content, event listings, snackable-but-unfortunately-not-edible content; basically all the words. If it’s content designed to attract, engage and convert leads, then you’re probably writing it. Everywhere the demand-gen light touches will be your empire.

You’re the Assistant Postmaster General of Neo4j. You’ll work hand-in-hand with senior copywriters to make sure every email from @Neo4j.com is up to spec and sprinkled with magic copywriter fairy dust.

You’re a Member of the Small Council. (Emphasis on “Small,” because our content team is lean.) That means you can’t just be a writing drone taking orders, but an active member who pitches ideas, leads new projects and works as an independent contributor when given assignments. There’s a brilliant brain in that skull of yours. We want you to use it for the realm.

You’re an SEO Sorcerer. A panda, a penguin and a hummingbird walk into a bar…and the bartender asks, “Is this some sort of algorithm update?” But really, you already knew that was the punchline, and you know a funnier one. At other organizations, SEO and content marketing are separate roles. At Neo4j, it’s One Role to Rule Them All, which means you’re in the thick of writing quality content, tightening up meta descriptions, building links and wooing RankBrain.

You’re an Assistant Social Media Sage. Our Social Word Wizard (a.k.a. “Social Media Manager”) needs your help in helping write, respond and schedule posts to every social media channel in the galaxy, especially when it comes to promoting events and other big announcements. (Our Blog Word Wizard might need your magical word skills now and then too!)

You’re an Adept at the Voice. No matter what channel you’re writing for, you’re a Mother/Father Superior at maintaining the Neo4j voice across all channels, platforms, mediums, times and states of consciousness (okay, maybe not that last one). One voice, everywhere, in perfect consistency.

You’re an Analytics Archmage. When you look into the palantir of email and social analytics, you’re not deceived by the Dark Lord’s schemes like other data-driven drones. Rather, you know how to measure what matters when it matters and when to ignore what doesn’t when it doesn’t.

You’re an Adaptable Apprentice. Words are your strength, and database computer science…may or may not be. But, you’re a wizard and can learn on the fly (while also literally flying; that’s definitely a necessary skill). Tech lingo and trade terms don’t scare you away – rather, you embrace the learning process and level up your nerd skills instead. Plus, there’s always stuff like graphics, HTML or other wizard skills you might need to learn, and you dive right in.


  • Demonstrated English writing ability (Exceeds Expectations or higher)Willingness to learn
  • Friendly, positive attitude befitting
  • A collection of compelling, transformational content pieces included with your resume/cover letter
  • Creative thinking that puts Dumbledore to shame
  • Ability regularly ship copy on deadline
  • University undergraduate degree in a Word Wizard related field (e.g., Writing, English, Journalism, Marketing, Communications, etc.) OR equivalent experience
  • 1-3 years of copywriting experience (we’re open to entry-level writers who have strong writing samples)

Preferred but not required

  • Fluency in French or German (+5 to Hireability)
  • Fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese (+4 to Hireability)
  • Fluency in any other non-English language (+1 to Hireability, because bilingualism makes you a better writer; we all know that)
  • Past work in the tech industry (+2 to Hireability)
  • Past work in the database sector (+4 to Hireability)
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign and/or Photoshop (+2 to Hireability)
  • Experience with WordPress and/or HTML (+1 to Hireability)
  • Experience in an SEO-related role (+1 to Hireability)


  • The Word Wizard supports a global marketing team, so remote applications are welcome and encouraged.
  • You must be based in continental U.S. time zones (or willing to work during those hours) since the majority of internal clients will need you to be available for meetings and deadlines.
  • Writers outside U.S. time zones are still encouraged to apply if they’re willing to work flexible hours.
  • US

To apply

  • Submit a cover letter + CV/résumé that breaks through the ice of boredom like a narwhal in the summer Arctic.
  • Also include a portfolio of writing samples, preferably also Narwhal-esque.

Why Join Neo4j?

We are one of the fastest growing startups in enterprise software in Silicon Valley, and this is an opportunity to lead and develop high-value strategic technology partnering relationships.

For full-time employees we offer competitive salary, employer-paid benefits, generous paid family leave plans, catered lunches, a fully stocked kitchen, weekly activities, company off-sites, happy hours and the list goes on!

Neo4j is a proud equal opportunity employer that fully supports a global mindset and workforce diversity. You will love your co-workers!

Neo4j is a privately held company and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Sweden, UK, and Germany. For more information, please visit www.neo4j.com.

Our Roots and Culture

Neo4j is a Silicon Valley company with a Swedish soul. We aim to hire smart, funny, creative and humble people who possess a lot of heart and drive. We value relationships (just like a graph!) and place trust in our colleagues to meet each day with focus and integrity.

We foster collaboration and intellectually honest discussions for consensus decision making. Every Neo4j employee is empowered to contribute and put one’s own innovative stamp on projects.

Most of all, we are fanatical about graphs and creating an experience our users love.

Intrigued by this role? We encourage you to apply even if you don’t 100% fit the qualifications above.

Neo4j is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please read the Privacy Notice Regarding Neo4j’s Recruitment Process to understand how the personal data that you provide will be handled.

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