99 Brilliant Apps and Websites to Learn Something New

With the rise of online education, it's easier than ever to learn new skills by taking online courses. Here are some of the best websites to learn something new and advance your career.

Despite the vast amount of information, however, there is also a lot that are filled with useless things that are not worth your while.

Fortunately, there are still those that are really devoted to adding value to people’s lives as well as a treasure trove of information for those who want to learn more.

Here are 99 brilliant apps and websites to learn something new.

1. Curiosity

Curiosity is a content aggregation site where you can find almost everything from the hottest topics including the quirky ones, such as Animal IQ and Curious Parents. Most of all, they have a vast collection of videos that will inspire and teach you. And since it is Curiosity, it never ceases to amaze and leave you wanting for more. Just take this piece of information, for example, Stephen Hawking is going to space. Is it enough to stir your curiosity?

3. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is a UK-based MOOCS platform which has collaborated with different universities to offer different kinds of certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs. These online courses range from arts and humanities to tech and coding. FutureLearn offers both paid and free courses which you can attend during your free time anywhere. Some of its free courses include introductions to cyber security and computing with Raspberry Pi and Python.

4. Iversity

Iversity is an online learning platform that provides both professional development and higher education courses. What makes Iversity stand out from similar platforms is that some of its courses are offered in other languages.It has interactive classrooms allowing students to learn from each other while learning.

5. MasterClass

Learn from seasoned celebrities in the world as they teach what they are good at. Some of the teachers you’ll have include Oscar-winning Aaron Sorkin teaching scriptwriting, bestselling author James Patterson in writing, Dustin Hoffman in acting, and Steve Martin in comedy.

6. Byju

Byju is an online learning platform taught by the best Indian teachers. Lessons range from math to philosophy and are 40 minutes long. There are also exams so you can test what you have learned. Aside from these, Byju also offers lessons for kids.

7. OpenClassrooms

OpenClassrooms helps you enhance your skills with the different online courses they offer from web design to business development. It has partnered with different schools, universities, and companies, such as Google, École Polytechnique, and IBM. They also provide private mentoring through video conferencing.

8. Envato Tuts+

Tuts+ offers different courses on web design, photography, coding, motion graphics, and business. Find a wealth of information from a wide range of lessons from beginner to advanced.

9. WixEd

WixEd offers a lot of insightful lessons on how to build and manage your own business. A good start for those who are planning to start their own business and a wealth of information to those who are already running one.

10. Tinycards

Tinycards is created by the language-learning app, Duolingo. It has thousands of topics which are presented in cute animated decks. Learn different things and memorize them easily with the help of flashcards. You can also create your own deck of cards.

11. Instructables

Instructables are step-by-step DYI instructions o almost everything from gardening to robots class. However, it is the best source for those who want to learn design and crafts. Some of its interesting lessons include lamp design, circuit board design, and furniture making. It even contains some interesting recipes with a step-by-step tutorial.

12. Primer

Learn marketing lessons from some of Google’s brilliant minds. Learn how to grow your business, get more customers, and more innovative marketing tips from Google. The lessons are easily accessible on your iPhone or Android device.

13. Sywork

It’s a good resource for artists and designers whether they are beginners or already professionals. Sywork consists of live videos of illustrators providing instructions and tips allowing you to learn from fellow artists around the world.

14. Degreed

Degreed helps you find the best lessons from different platforms, such as Khan Academy, Audible, and Coursera. It curates different topics based on your learning goals and social recommendations. It also helps you track your learning so you’ll know how much you’ve learned about a particular topic.

15. Startup Patterns

Startup Patterns provides bite-sized lessons which you can access on your mobile device. It’s not only short but easily digestible so you can study them whether you’re in your living room or on the subway. Perfect for busy people who want to maximize their learning.

16. Savvy

If you dislike big classes but would rather have a one-on-one coaching with an expert, then Savvy is the perfect platform for you. It provides personal coaching on management, sales, communication skills, coding, and other technical skills.

17. Lrn

Lrn, which is a short form for learn, is a learning app which teaches students how to code. The best thing about Lrn is that it gives you flexibility where and when you learn. Learn how to speak Javascript, Python, CSS, Ruby, and HTML.

18. Py

Py provides valuable coding lessons including CSS, Python, R, Javascript, and Swift. But it is not just about coding but also Calculus, Statistics, Web Design, and more. Py is a free downloadable app for both iPhone and Android so you can study wherever you want to.

19. Livecoding.tv

Watch coders work on different projects live. Witness the frustrations, victories, challenges, and even the daily mundane tasks of other coders giving you the feeling that you are not alone but many out there who undergo the same things as a coder.

20. Drupalize.Me

As the name of the website suggests, it is about Drupal so if you’re interested in learning it or want to add more to your knowledge of Drupal, this is your go-to place.

21. Trinket

Trinket is a fun alternative to learning Python, one of the most powerful programming languages used by most businesses and companies. The sites Python with Turtles uses a visual approach in introducing Python to beginners in various languages. Then there’s also ‘From Blocks to Code’ which teaches the basics of Python using Blocks.

22. Pencil Code

Pencil Code makes something technical into something creative by melding coding and art. The site teaches different types of programming languages using blocks or texts.Some of the fun activities allow you to create music, draw something, or code an adventure.

23. CheckiO

CheckiO lets you learn to code by playing a game reminiscent of Starcraft – you build a space base, make it grow, and conquer others using your coding skills. Choose between JavaScript and Python and conquer the universe.

24. CodinGame

This is another website that teaches you how to code using a game. Where CheckiO lets you build a space base a la Starcraft, CodeinGame is similar to Gattaca or Space Invaders but a more modern version.

The game starts with your mission and an option as a solo or multiplayer game. You can choose from a variety of coding language from C# to Python3 to DART.

25. Code4Startup

Instead of using games to learn how to code, you get to build real startup apps, like Tinder, Airbnb, and Uber, using different coding languages. For example, you get to learn Ionic and Angular when building the Tinder app, while creating the AirBnB app lets you use Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Bootstrap, and PayPal.

26. Cloud Academy

If you want to learn or enhance your cloud technologies skills, Cloud Academy is the place to be. Learn or prepare for certification about the different Microsoft Azure services, Google Cloud Services, and Amazon Web Services. It also has a complete course on DevOps methodologies to help you improve your development, deployment, and operational processes.

27. Swift Playgrounds

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple. Learn Swift on your iPad and master the language without any prior knowledge about coding. Swift Playgrounds is filled with games, puzzles, and quizzes to make the learning more fun and highly interactive it doesn’t look like studying at all.

28. Codewars

Master any code language by challenging other code masters in the arena. Before you start, you must prove how skillful you are first by taking some sort of diagnostic test on whatever coding language you know. Climb the leaderboard as you beat others and overcome various challenges along the way.

29. Simplilearn

Learn from the experts in project management, Agile DevOps, and business analytics. You just don’t learn but also get certified after you finish the coursework. Aside from students, it also gives an opportunity to experts to become an instructor and learn from his expertise.

30. Egghead

Egghead contains bite-sized video lessons as well as full courses of different web development frameworks. It also has hundreds of screencasts by developers from all over the world showing how they solve problems in real-time. Some of the instructors include Redux creator Dan Abramov and CycleJS creator Andre Saltz.

31. Mimo

Mimo is an app that teaches you how to create apps and websites. Learn how to code using your iPhone or your iPad anytime and anywhere with hundreds of bite-sized lessons, quizzes, projects, and challenges. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned developer, the app covers all the lessons you need about apps and web development.

32. CodeUpStart

CodeUpStart is another platform that makes learning how to code fun. Learn how to create real-life apps, such as Kickstarter and Instagram, using your choice of technology stacks like Python, Swift, Ruby on Rails, C++, or JavaScript. If you are new to coding, the site has tons of videos that has step-by-step instruction on how to code.

33. Exercism

Whether you are a code newbie, a veteran, or simply ramping up a new coding language, Exercism provides tons of lessons represented by quests, games, and projects that allow you to practice what you learn immediately. The best thing about Exercism, though, is that the lessons are available in 30 different languages.

34. Codeplace

Make your dreams alive through Codeplace where you can use your coding skills to build your dream software. Beginners are taught the basic concepts by allowing you to build 6 different real-life applications. After that, it teaches you how to add more features to your websites, such as social APIs, social authentication, and payment gateways. The site also teaches you how to use the latest technologies MongoDB and Filestack.

35. Cudoo

Cudoo is a self-learning platform where education and culture meet. Make your own learning path based on your interest and time from over 600 courses that are presented in 160 languages. Choose from any language, professional development, and computer courses and learn them at your own pace.

36. Code-Free Startup

Whether you want to build a simple checkout page, an on-demand app like Uber, or a marketplace app like Airbnb, Code-Free Startup arms you with skills and tools to fulfill those dreams. Code-Free accepts students who don’t even have a coding background. In fact, it has a growing number of students, most of whom don’t have any coding knowledge before enrollment.

37. SitePoint Premium

SitePoint Premium contains hundreds of screencasts, lessons, and books on WordPress, coding languages, web design, and more. The lessons are regularly updated making sure they are relevant and on track with the latest technology trends. It has both free and paid courses but if you’re lucky, they sometimes have special offers that allow you to have all the lessons for free in one year.

38. CareerFoundry

If you want to learn with a mentor who guides and encourages you every step of the way, CareerFoundry is the learning platform for you. The courses offered are on UX and UI Designs, and UX Fundamentals.

39. Rype

Rype provides a one-on-one language lesson with a certified expert of the language you want to learn. You can browse and choose from hundreds of language teachers from all over the world, you book them, and you learn. There is a free trial lesson and if you decide to learn more, you pay per lesson so you can stop anytime you want.

40. Learn8

Where else do you learn how to speak the language than from native speakers themselves. Learn8 is a community of native speakers from 190 countries all over the world where people help each other learn. The process is simple, someone helps you learn and you help another who wants to learn the language you’re using.

41. Lingualeo

Lingualeo is for non-native English speakers, specifically Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish, who want to have mastery of the English language. Unlike other language apps/courses that take you directly to the lessons, Lingualeo performs a diagnostic test first to determine your level and starts at the level where you’re at.

42. Elevate

Elevate is a learning app filled with activities, challenges, and quizzes that help train your mind. Boost your focus, productivity skills, memory, speaking, or math skills from the different lessons on Elevate.

43. Investopedia

Investopedia is the biggest and most prominent financial education website in the world. It covers beginners to advanced insights on a wide range of financial topics, such as forex, stocks, insurance, and the latest market trends.

44. TED

TED lives by the motto, “ideas worth spreading,” which is true indeed. It is a treasure trove of videos featuring the world’s thought leaders, experts, and scientists give their short talk on what are closest to their hearts. You might even get some confirmation from an idea you’ve been mulling over your mind for a long time.

45. Wait But Why

Wait But Why is a unique blog because it uses stick figures to tell a story and get their points across. The result is a more engaging and informative blog that tackles almost everything under the sun.

46. The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a digital magazine that is never afraid to discuss and give its opinion on the most controversial topics at hand. Their thought-provoking opinions will make you question and confront your own beliefs and that’s the whole point – to get your critical thinking skills to use.

47. Matter

If you are interested in very controversial topics, Matter is not lacking in that area. It touches topics on racism, genocide, and even fertility issues. The views presented on Matter are unforgiving – not meant to please the readers but make them think more deeply about it.

48. Book of Life

The Book of Life touches on a wide range of topics from capitalism to culture. Each category has interesting titles with equally interesting content. Some topics include “The Importance of Flattery” and “How To Live More Wisely Around Our Phones.” But the most impressive is the website design – clean, simple, and easy to navigate.

49. AEON

AEON is a digital magazine that presents thought-provoking essays, videos, and short articles by the world’s leading thinkers in various fields and disciplines. Each of the authors provides a fresh take on different topics and biggest questions whether they be about culture, the arts, politics, science, or philosophy.

50. BrainPickings

If you want to stimulate your mind, soul, and spirit, Brain Pickings is the place to be. It is filled with reflective essays with a good dose of philosophy about life in general. Author and owner Maria Popova describe her website as a “cross-disciplinary LEGO treasure chest.”

51. Popular Science

As the name suggests, Popular Science is the site to visit if you want to know the latest developments and innovations in science, technology, space, and military. The articles and essays featured there are not the ones you often find on mainstream news websites.

52. BigThink

Big Think explores the latest studies and research on science and technology. Even its take on culture, entertainment, and politics is intellectual without being stodgy. Most of its contributors are industry experts and academics from the world’s leading educational institutions.

53. You Are Not So Smart

The name of the website itself serves as a reminder that we don’t really know everything in the world and that there’s always room to learn new ideas. What makes YANSS unique is that most of its titles are in question form designed to provoke the readers to examine what they believe on the topic presented in a specific article.

54. Backreactions

If you want to learn more about physics and quantum mechanics, and you’re not intimidated by the jargons, such as the “black hole information paradox” and “gravitational waves,” then Backreactions is a delight to read. It even has some hint of a rebel in it as it rants about how f%*#d up academia is. Plus, you can have a chance to chat with real-life scientists.

55. Hello Internet

Hello Internet is a podcast that discusses almost everything under the sun. The ideas and opinions they present on different issues and topics are worth listening.

56. Open Culture

Open Culture is a treasure trove of educational freebies – classic movies, e-Books, audiobooks, and online courses. Open Culture scours the Web and aggregates them together so that anyone can easily find them.

57. HowStuffWorks

The website literally tells you “how stuff works” as well as the origins of different things from the most mundane to the not-so-common things. Some of the most interesting questions explore if urine is sterile or if you can get cancer from eating tofu. Yes, they do cover almost all of them, even the question “Do rabbits really love carrots?” The most interesting part, however, is you get the most unexpected answers from these common questions.

58. Whizzpast

Whizzpast contains trivia and general information you don’t often encounter, not even in school. Some interesting reads include the history of poker and Victorian era hairstyles complete with photos from that era. The blog explores five different categories – literature, people, technology, culture, and music.

59. 20 Minute VC

20 Minute VC contains 20-minute podcasts featuring top entrepreneurs who share their business secrets and advice. Some of the featured entrepreneurs include Airware CEO and founder Jonathan Downey, Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein, and WePay CEO and co-founder Bill Clerico.

60. Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Barking Up the Wrong Tree is a personal development blog that features science-backed advice how to improve yourself and your lifestyle towards success. The advice is practical and doable, not to mention easy to read.

61. ZenHabits

ZenHabits is an inspirational blog by Leo Babauta. It talks about decluttering your life and focusing on what’s more important, like caring for others and being grateful for life. ZenHabits is all about minimalism and the design reflects the theme of the blog.

62. Gibbon

Gibbon is a platform where people can share their favorite playlists with the best stuff they can find on the Web. The list can be anything as long as it teaches people how to develop or learn a specific skill. Gibbon has been acquired by Degreed.

63. Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips is an invaluable website for aspiring and professional writers alike. It is full of tips and advice how to improve your writing skills as well as some helpful grammar and style tips.

64. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange works like Quora except that it focuses mainly on complex tech questions. Most of the questions are answered by tech experts in their field. One question has several answers so you can get different viewpoints.

65. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers provides valuable tips and advice for entrepreneurs and startups, especially marketing and growth hack techniques to gain more traffic and customers.

66. Duolingo

Duolingo uses the flashcard method allowing learners to learn a language much easier. The language learning website recently announced that it’s reviving the Irish language and will soon offer it as lessons on the platform.

67. Lrn

Lrn is an iOS and Android app that teaches you how to code by using mini-games and quizzes. Become fluent in Python, Javascript, HTML, Ruby on Rails, and CSS anytime and anywhere you go.

68. Highbrow

Highbrow delivers bite-sized lessons straight to your inbox every day. Each course lasts for 10 days and divided into 5-minute lessons. You can choose from 13 categories including technology, art, languages, and business. Most of the lessons are free but there are also other lessons that are only accessible for premium users.

69. InstaNerd

“Be smart, instantly” is how InstaNerd describes itself. It is filled with fun facts and practical tips presented in one paragraph. Despite being short and concise, it goes straight into the point further saving you lots of time on needless facts.

70. KnowFast

Don;t get your brain go to waste by letting it go idle. KnowFast is an iOS app that delivers a video to your inbox on a daily basis that teaches you something new. If you like a certain video, you can access and re-watch it again on your iPhone.

71. Flowkey

FlowKey is an iOS and Android app specifically designed for music lovers, especially for those who want to learn how to play the piano. The app features hundreds of songs in different genres with step-by-step tutorials allowing you to learn how to play the piano in just a short time.

72. Brain Pump

Brain Pump is your go-to place for all educational videos that tackle technology, physics, business, math, languages, food, and arts. The website gathers all these informative videos from all over the web for easy access.

73. Learn Genetics

Learn everything about genetics and its impact in every fiber of society from the environment to our health. The articles are presented attractively and can easily be understood even by kids who might be using it for homework research or their science project. Learn Genetics is created by the University of Utah.

74. 5-Minute Drops

It’s a language learning iOS app that gives you 5-minute language lessons every day. It utilizes visual learning by presenting each lesson with pictures for easy retention and mastery. Since the goal of the app is fast learning, it also uses swipes and taps instead of typing.

75. Coffee Strap

Coffee Strap is also a language exchange website that matches language learners so they can learn from each other. For example, if you want to learn Chinese, the website will match you with a Chinese native speaker who wants to learn your language. It’s a great way not only to learn a new language but to meet new friends as well.

76. Salted

If you want to learn how to cook or for those who want to learn a new recipe, Salted is the website for you. It features cooking lesson videos from expert chefs. It features quite a wide range of cuisines and interesting recipes you can make for your next dinner party.

77. The Whole Brain Atlas

The Whole Brain Atlas is a website by Harvard University that is wholly dedicated to the human brain. The website explores the different parts and functions of the brain, amazing facts about it, and the different diseases that afflict it and cause dysfunction.

78. The First 20 Hours

The First 20 Hours is a website dedicated to a book with the same name by Josh Kauffman that talks about how to learn things rapidly. It contains helpful and practical advice how to learn quickly and effectively.

79. Mental Floss

Mental Floss presents fun facts, trivia, and quizzes in a quirky way that keeps you engaged and entertained while learning something new.

80. Daily Bits Of

Want to learn more about business, leadership, technology, and more but have not a lot of time? Daily Bits Of offers 5-minute video lessons that last for 10 to 15 days. These lessons are emailed every day to your inbox and are absolutely free although they also have premium courses for those who have paid memberships. There is also an iOS and Android app versions so you can easily access them on your mobile devices.

81. Codeacademy

Codecademy is a learning platform for those who want to learn to code. Choose from the different coding languages, such as iQuery, Python, HTML, and CSS and learn using the site’s fun and interactive lessons until you become fluent in them.

82. The Mind Unleashed

The Mind Unleashed contains different kinds of articles that touch health, consciousness, spirituality, science, and philosophy. Each article delves further into these topics making you ponder about life and the universe around you.

83. Goodreads

Consider Goodreads as the Facebook of those who love books and reading. Discover new books and make a plan what you want to read next with Goodreads. If you are not sure about a certain book, you can read the reviews written by other members. You can also write a review for books that you’ve already read.

84. Litemind

Exercise your brain power, improve your memory, and hone your problem-solving skills using the activities in Litemind. The activities are varied and engaging it’s also a good tool to kill time.

85. Labnol.org

Labnol is created by Amit Agarwal, author of The Most Useful Websites, where he shares his knowledge on different web applications, tech hacks, the latest consumer electronics, and how-to guides.

86. Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon gathers different kinds of videos, articles, and images on the Internet and categorizes them so you can easily find related content when you look for them. It’s also a good tool to ‘stumble upon’ new and useful websites.

87. 99U

Learn from the most brilliant thinkers in the world of art and science as they present their ideas in 99U. Find out the latest research and updates in culture, arts, and technology passionately presented by these experts.

88. eHow

eHow contains hundreds of instructional videos and articles designed to guide readers every step of the way. The site also has a YouTube channel with engaging videos explaining how things work.

89. Fast Company

Fast Company inspires readers by presenting ideas that go beyond our traditional perspectives. It touches topics on leadership, ethics, design, and business.

90. BBC Future

Discover the latest innovations in science and technology that will have a big impact on our lives and the world around us in the not so distant future. Each of these ideas is presented in interactive media, videos, and in-depth articles.

91. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is a website that aims to make readers understand science, technology, games, and gadgets more through in-depth and engaging education. The articles break down complex technological jargon through easy-to-understand explanations.

92. Writer’s Digest

It’s a treasure trove of ideas and how-to guides whether you are an advanced or a beginner writer. It even features interesting anecdotes, stories, and free courses for writers.

93. 8 Facts

8 Facts present trivia and fun facts in pictures. Some of the facts are great fillers for talks and public speaking to help the audience warm up to you. Here are some interesting facts found on the website: “Before the 19th century, the English name for actors are hypocrites” and “98% of adoptions in Japan are adult males aged 25 to 30.”

94. Reddit

Find the latest curated content from all over the world on Reddit from random facts to the latest research. They are updated by the minute from hundreds of community members.

95. Fact Slides

Discover amazing, random facts about almost anything. Consider one of these facts from Fact Slide: “The Livraria Lisbon in Portugal is the oldest library in the world which opened in 1732.”

96. Makezine

Makezine is the website for those who love DIY projects using the things you can find inside your house or the cheapest materials available. It contains step-by-step instructional videos from community members featuring simple to complex DIY projects from making paper crafts to building robots.

97. Forvo

Forvo is the largest pronunciation database on the Web for most of the languages, such as Ancient Greek, Hungarian, Chinese, and German. It even has the pronunciation of not-so-often used languages like Volapuk and Klingon (yes, the language used in Star Trek). These pronunciations are submitted by native speakers who keep the database growing every day.

98. Hyper Allergic

Hyper Allergic contains articles that are insightful and radical at the same time. They encourage thoughtful conversations or just simply to stimulate the mind. The comment section is even more interesting as readers express their own points of view on a certain subject.

99. Outgrow.me

Outgrow is basically a marketplace for successfully crowdfunded products. However, you can gain a lot of insight from these innovative and creative products.

Start Learning Now

There are more educational tools and websites that are not included in the list. The whole point of this list, however, is that there is no more excuse for anyone not to learn because everything you want to know is already accessible and for free on the Internet. All you need to do is the discipline and focus on learning because nothing and no one is stopping you from doing it.

Don’t let your brain decay and go to waste, keep on learning something new.


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